Required Reading

Emma Leonard

So a little while ago I was reading some Batman. In particular the graphic novels Hush and The Man Who Laughs.

Which sparked an idea, which sparked some musings, which led to discussion that ended up in a story. It was one of those times that I was in between projects and feeling adrift, things in my personal life were all messy and complicated – Always fun *sigh* – and really I just needed an escape, a focus, and what better then the very thing that got me into writing in the first place: comics!

There’s something about comics that’s just home to me. That’s uncomplicated when allowed to just be. When I’m just allowed to be apart of them. I love the characters! I love the long standing tapestry of continuity that creator upon creative are meant to just add a piece to, a touch of their style and lore. The collective character continuity that commands a need to respect the past, present and future. To me it has never been something that was daunting, its more something so inspiring, something so collaborative and expressive!

It lends a feeling of real life, something that just keeps going, that to truly be intimate with it you have to apply learning, apply wanting to get to know more. You get to discover reasons and whys and then, through your interactions, get to add to it!

Marvel was always my main squeeze, mind, but there’s something about Batman. Call it the kool-aid of the general consciousness, but, baby I drank it hard. He’s just badass!

Sebastian Fiumara


Besides the obvious he has all the elements (Catwoman!) I love in a character, I mean the psychology of everything is my main motivation for anything! And there is a lot of crazy to sink your teeth into.

Now, best you mind that I do not like crazy trope, when I say I like delving into the psychology of things I mean the reason behind. The unique perspective of individual and reasoning’s that we on the outside don’t always perceive. I love to go beyond what convention perceives and blankets in the black and white, the non-definition of “good” and “bad”.

Anyway, I’ve always loved to challenge myself and so – between you me and the person who double dared it into fruition – began my descent into a comic book story line set in the world of Gotham and the night dwellers who walk its streets!

To truly get the full effect of its undercurrent I would recommend the stories above, for in comic books everything has a way of tying together to form a pretty little picture in the drapery of sequential literature!

Entitled: Mirror, Mirror.

Exerts Coming Soon…

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