Mirror Mirror: Chapter One


Commissioner Gordon stands before Mirrianna Savauge a rather serious looking young woman who has come to the High Security Solitary department of Arkham Asylum for a very specific reason.

She has an intimidating presence about her person that seems to stem from her determination and the confidence she holds in her conviction, her hair is a dark and pulled back neatly, everything about her in fact is precise and neat. She wears glasses and business attire, with a large medical briefcase; sterile and heavy held with ease against her leg. It doesn’t seem like much could cause her to struggle or sway in balance…and that goes for everything.

Gordon, in a non-chalet manner turns to the wall opposite the entrance, but pauses for a moment as he looks to her with a hesitant sideways glance:

“You sure you know what you’re getting yourself in to?”

She is non-pulsed, unmoved by his concern and closeted warning.

“Commissioner Gordon,” She begins with an exasperated droll, tired of being told she shouldn’t do the very thing that has compelled her to in her work and life as though she hadn’t the wherewithal to know what is best for herself . “You know what it is I came here to do. You have my reasons and credentials. If you had any concern you should have brought it to my attention before granting my clearance.”

Gordon shakes his head at her youth, but with disarmed accountability for he has seen so much in his time that he would save those he could if only he were able.

“Look I have all confidence in your abilities and references, but you have to admit there’s a difference between lab and field. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t give you one last warning…or chance.”

But Mirrianna is without any doubt or affliction:

“Your concern is unwarranted; I know what it is I am dealing with. This is my specified area of expertise.”

Gordon sighs for he’s known other’s with this kind of precision perspective with the will of a bull and no matter what he says, does or knows better it wont make a difference in their quest…but still he tries.

“In a field you yourself coined. Not quite sure I ever heard of a Physiological Chemist before you came along.”

“Living in what this world has become, one must evolve in field and in body to secure survival.”

She retorted.

“You take all of this very seriously.”

He is almost amused.

“You should accept nothing less. The fact is my parent’s money and social standing provided me with a plethora of choice and circumstance. I chose to help improve the odds of others. Now, if you have no more precautions to take, I would like to get this over with.”

Gordon nods, knowing there is nothing more to do then complete his part signaling the door to appear in the wall opposite of entrance.

“He’s all yours, but word to it with this character, expertise or no there’s no expecting anything.”

With that one last warning Gordon steps aside allowing Mirrianna, who stands ever at the ready, her path.

“Understood Commissioner, and thank you.”

As the reality of this moving forward becomes ever more apparent Gordon himself is becoming more agitated and on his guard as though he is regretting his part in this already.

“We’ll be watching.”

He says in as much of warning tone as comforting and with that the small alcove of room seems to vanish and all at once Mirrianna is in a box of a cell with no way in and no way out. Sparse and sterile there is nothing on the walls to hold or break, there are no corners, nothing one could use for any purpose whatsoever only a cot that hangs smoothly from the wall. It is in that cot that Mirrianna’s objective sits within the confines of his tightly bound straitjacket.

That someone being… The Joker.

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