Throwback Post Pick

A weekly feature where I fling open the vaults of past works – no matter the naivete they reflect – and revel in the making of progress!

Today’s piece is a poem, a piece inspired by the art of Daniel Taylor! There is nothing that I love more than to expose myself to various styles, mediums, and interpretations of art and artist.

A writer is and always will be the penultimate – ha-ha pun definitely intended – observer, to stop and truly take in any and all sensory reaction we ourselves and others are exposed to at any given time of day so that we can then touch upon those feelings through description in a way that can resonate with a reader sparking within them the same kind of emotional and sensory response, to bring to them that mindfulness of feeling that reawakens its expression in their sinews memory.

By putting myself in the middle of other creative mediums I am able to ignite my own inspiration and keep my imagination active. I look for a piece then write down the immediate response it invokes.

This piece obviously sparked upon some of the insecurities that any writer, any dreamer really, faces choosing a path uncertain and all too often plagued with the repetitious echo of how hard it is, how impossible, how inevitable, how doom, gloom, womp-wah…

It’s hard to live in two worlds, to blend the dreamland of art with the harsh sting of what other’s would have you believe is reality. To mix whimsy with strategy, and active creation with active networking and the business side of things. It can get heavy, it can get hard, it can become defeatist, but it’s who we are.

In my time I’ve found that the sooner you accept that you were meant for a path less traveled, that nothing is certain but the more you follow your heart the more things seem to work out with perfect synchronicity!

So cheers to the creative, to the dreamers, to the dream!



Dreams Reality

The fusion between reality and a dream can seem an impossible thing.

A thankless task,

Never quite in ones ever reaching grasp.

The pain in you swells like an overfull dam,

Breaking down trust in that which once you called a friend.

When hopes seem to fade,

Nothing left of determined,

The feeling that you are the problem when hurting.

Talents seem scarce,

Your dream now so illusive,

So drained of its color,

So timid and uncertain.

Yet you want it so bad you can touch it and feel it and your being seems to ache for the taste of its grit.

Immersion is something we want out of our dreams,

To make it come true,

To make it reality.

To mesh it in flesh with that of illusion,

To put end to memory’s never ending confusion.

An everyday life that is yours for the taking,

A physical thing that is yours for the making.

Yet it all seems so doomed,

You feel so lost,

What makes your dream so special,

Worth more than a thought?

When the world is full of so many yet dreaming,

Trying, convincing it’s a life worth conceiving.

Who are you to think it will come true,

That if life was a Prince that he’d come straight to you?

When the crushing of logic seems to ring in your ear,

Seems to beat against eyes,

Seems to prey on your fears,

It can be hard to remember there’s a reason you’re here.

A universal pull,

A reason to why,

Something you have to just trust will be answered

In time…

~Glory Anna

To shop some of his brilliant works check out his Society6 page!

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