Throwback Post Pick

Throwback Post Pick is a weekly feature where I fling open the vaults of past works – no matter the naivete they reflect – and revel in the making of progress! So come, TBT with me!

This old post is one that I did back in 2016 on International Women’s Day. I was inspired by the artist’s (Daphne Oude Geerdink) own reason’s for making the piece –

The definition of the soul is something different for everybody, I think. I’m fascinated by it and that’s why I wanted to make this. It’s your soul that makes you, you. Not your body or your pretty face.

When it comes to things like gender etc. I always take the status of equality. We are all equal. It is our actions, not our organs that define who and what we are. That, not organs, is who we fall in love with. What defines our strength and our character. Individuals. Souls. Humanity.

I don’t stand for prejudgment of any kind. Stereotypes sicken me, and the fact that we are a society being programmed to lead with this kind of bias has never sat well. I will always stand up for the right to be you and prove before any kind of discriminatory opinion can be formed.

You cannot say you know before you encounter based on any physical or sociology-economical standards. “Standard” is just subconcious propaganda manipulating people into what they should think is better/best anyway.  Form your own impression not based on assumption but the human experience. Not what society deems as conventional but through your own involvement.

I form my own opinion through being open to all things, people, situations no matter their standing reputation as one thing or another. I don’t condemn or condone before I have experienced first hand.

We would all do better to lead as an example for what our own insecurities, doubts, fears, etc would want and need if roles were reversed, because if popular belief has shown us anything it’s that we change on a dime and tomorrow the minority might just very well be you.

Would you want a chance to speak for yourself? Compassion? Understanding? Or would you want every interaction and precognition to be based on an manipulated assumption of who you are and how shit will turn out/go down?

Just think about it and activate the only thing we can on – humanity.


Daphne Oude Geerdrink
Art by Daphne Oude Geerdink

Humanity’s Equal

Strength has found her,

Where sorrow betrayed,

The end of conformity,

In the land of the brave.

I stand on my own,

In a room full of men,

Distinguished and proud,

On the wings of my kin.

I know I am ready,

That it’s time to stand up,

Stop trying for something,

Which I never quite got.

So I’ll do this for me,

For I know that I’m ready,

Screw history,

Screw slow and steady.

We all come from the same beginning,

From something begot from the passions of plenty.

From warmth and from nature,

From that meeting of powers,

So standing here with you makes me not want to cower.

There is nothing between us that defines our cells.

DNA is but a part of the atoms of self.

So let be what is,

For I’m willing to change,

To dive into the depths of something you think still so strange.

Mighty and strong for I am who I am,

Breaking the bonds of that sex organ scam,

To be something that surpasses the boundaries of just women or man.

~Glory Anna


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