Writer’s Quote Wednesday



A writer is a world trapped in a person

Victor Hugo

When I first heard this quote I can tell you that I was all the yes! It spoke to me with such truth, hitting upon something that I had also so deeply and organically believed.

At first, when I began to explore the depths of my creation it was just a fun thing to do, to “play” at, but so quickly it became so much more. It became an entity onto its own. I had no seeming control of this thing that wanted to explode forth from me and change my world by exposing me to its.

My characters, their lives and worlds were more than just an extension of me, more than my ideas come to life, they were tangible creations made flesh by their expression through me as a vessel to lend form to their stories. I was the translator in the realm of the physical that could put their lives to paper and give voice to their experiences.

My characters and their worlds are more than mere imagination or fancy, they have taught me through our time together as much as any interaction or adventure, through them I am able to expand my perception of the world. I am able to know more then just myself first hand.

I am given new perspective on a variety of situations, limitations, strengths, folly, love, hate, betrayal, you name it! These worlds open their doors to me, take hold of me without warning or any preparation on my part. When their time comes it comes full force and I am merely along for the ride.

When a world grips a writer a writer becomes the world, they are immersed in its going on’s, in its vast depths and trenches of unruly knowledge and inspiration.

We go and go until it has used us up and told its story to the bitter end. Even after we think we have reached our point of breaking, even after we think we have hit a wall, it perseveres if we allow ourselves to succumb to its clutches. If we trust in its knowledge to use us to tell its story. To share its culture and divides.

That’s why the best advice I could give any writer would be to succumb and trust it to lead you to its telling. We may think we know best but inside its the world that will show us the way if we only let it by exploring its hold on our pens.

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