Tasted Depths


So today I got my first ever creative challenge prompt from Creative Cafe (Just started following them on Medium and you can too here!)

The theme being Tasted, inspired by the quote:

“He tasted her mind and realized he was starving.”

I’m eager to join, or at least participate in my own capacity. Today hasn’t been my day to start with and I was feeling pretty uninspired and unmotivated but decided to give it a go, to put my energies towards something (thank you well timed email!).

They wanted to focus on poetry so here is what I came up with, entitled Tasted Depths, hope you enjoy the read!

Something inside him needs fulfilling,
He has not been able to satisfied its lust.
It’s all shallow and meaningless

In the greater scheme of things it falls short, can’t compel this, refuses to dilute it.
Thirst will not be quenched, soul imbued.
It hurts so deep and intensely,
How does it seem to wrap its eerie claws around every piece of him?

Once a consumer of goods, of people and places,
Now a disgraced temple of all that was wasted.
He used them all without second thought,
No regard for what was lost, when caught in a trap laced with despair, refusing to see that which wasn’t there.

For he could not love them,
Though they would love him,
This evil seed from what blooms forth bitter and rancid.

Karma personified for nothing would complete him now all is dulled, save the passionate fire from that which drives him forth,
That which falls to the pit of him, the very depths,
Inside he is wrecked with this knowing, with this dissatisfaction
Pushing, pulling, and propelling him to action.

But what is the answer for this inner fatigue tired now of all once perceived, to be good, to be fun, to be right and entertaining,

The ticking of a clock comes into his mind, it is almost over, he’s used all of his time.

He could never replace her, never really know her,
In a world of flowers she was ever a four leafed clover,
That’s when it started, this voice in his body,
This deprivation and malnutrition of one unbelonging to any one person, to any one thing, he knew he was a wanderer so too did she

With no need to change him she bid him goodbye and that’s when a wandering piece of him died.

Something so good, so keen and so bright,
She was the catalyst, she lit the fire making this need inside him something so dire
Why had he not told her then all that she was?

A second chance he had thought, at his own pace, something that would come again, but to his disgrace these chances can be lost in a world so busy
When appetite is ignited flavor is something worth savoring
We are many, yes, but we are alone
Taking a pack to make one feel hole

You may not know when that something is missing
But when yearning is touched upon meetings first tasting it will not let you go without starvation’s replacing

When the loss of something never had hits that place in your soul where you question existence listen to its cry, hear heed of its breast as it tightens its grip around that hole in your chest, dropping low to intestines it furrows and buries knowing the more you ignore it the more it will drive you crazy,

Aimless he was after their only meeting
Regretting that this be the one time that he was not greedy
Why was she different what made him wake?
He’ll never know now

May that taste be his fate.





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