Throwback Post Pick

A weekly feature where I fling open the vaults of past works – no matter the naivete they reflect – and revel in the making of progress!

The beautifully atmospheric art of Jessica Durrant was the inspiration for this weeks throwback piece pick (for more of her art just click here!)

And much like the reflective silhouette the verse works to capture the journey of struggle’s burden, particularly that of a hero. Call it a fixation if you like, but I have always been fascinated by the reality behind the psychology of our favorite cape crusaders. I mean it is a very isolating thing to be a superhero I would think, to be a hero at all, set apart from a society that so depends upon your talents that you never quite belong to anything or anyone.

You live in the shadow of an image and icon, yet exist physically like any other human being, with the same wants, needs, and desires. Yet touching untouched.

I have always protested the backhand of too much respect, believing that you should never venture to respect someone so much that you no longer want anything from them, for you have made them too great, so to ask would be to presume you were worthy. You put yourself in the role of inferior, of the intimidated “who am I” and them in the role of archetype. Stripping them of their individuality and humanity.

You make them greater then what they are well at the same time lesser then what they deserve to be. Creating a one dimensional representation of salvation. They become inhuman, immune to the common foibles and fall outs of what it means to be normal, average, human.

That’s why one mistake, one mishap, or misstep can send them crashing down from that pillar and into the realm of disappointment. You were supposed to be stronger than, better than, more indestructible than…you were supposed to be better then anyone else could be in said situation. In other words you were supposed to be perfect.

But perfect is boring, hence why we have the predilection to make our heroes as human as possible, it creates that rather juicy concoction of inner conflict and outer moral.

Nature fighting nature.

What’s your physiological discord?


Art by Jessica Durrant

Happiness & Life

Eerie night I find thee,

Now rest upon my breast,

For so heavy is thy burden,

Yet I wear the heroes crest.

I wish it was for certain the benefit of quest,

To search with doubt in question is to live without the rest.

Forever have I sought thee,

A happiness and life.

Forever will I keep thee,

In minds eternal eye.

I feel the present weight push against my lidded curtains.

To seal my fate if gaze should fall from thy suns steady burning,

Ever bright,

I feel its heat with all too tempting a retreat,

But keep my goal in sight.

For I am love in wanting and in waiting,

For happiness and life,

So keep on daring to tread uncharted lands,

For at least I have chosen to fight until the end.

~Glory Anna~



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