Gloryfic & That Writer Die Life

Are you there world it’s me, Glory!

And here you are, why? Well I hope it’s because I, 1) Spin one hell of a yarn, 2) Tell it well, and 3) Excite you with my abilities to transport you, body, mind, and soul with compelling characters, insightful truths, powerful descriptions, witty repose, stylistic fantasies, exhilarating adventure, and kick-ass rhetoric!

If not… well then you must just like ME!

Which, much like the above, should thrill and amaze you well enough!

It’s not that I’m that much different from any writer you’ve ever met before, I mean, I sit in front of my keyboard and bleed my life’s blood and reason for getting up in the morning, just like the rest of them. I just prefer to do it talking to myself out-loud as as many different people as possible (accents and curious ticks included!). Like to physically put myself in the proverbial shoes and situations of my characters, in order to get an authentic feel for it. The emotions it invokes, the senses it stimulates, and the instincts it triggers – not to mention the witty lines, snappy dialogue, and, mostly cut out, expletives… mostly.

I like to throw myself about with street style finesse, fighting off a group of thugs intent on getting away with the most baseless of human desires, or else posture about as the other worldly beings who are using human beings as pods so they can suck the earth’s core to fuel their own society well acting as the grand Herold for a galactic beast in search for his next feast!

So yeah, comics.

I like to plot, to scheme, and create obstacles even I have a hard time conceiving a way out of. I love to put myself in it to win it, to lose it, to ravage, destroy, and completely devastate. In a moment, in a time frame, not at a desk, but in the next few hours, gun to my head, figure it out, kind of way.

A synchronistically savage storyboard that pins creativity against ones ability to improvise!

I like to engage you by first engaging myself…

But that’s only some of the time (got to keep from being taken by those “strange men” again). I am perfectly capable of sitting at a desk and pounding it out – though I will still talk to myself. Will still position and reposition myself to get the ultimate accuracy, realism, and organic flow of life and people.

My genre is human nature, though comics inspired, Xena encouraged, Margot Atwood invoked, Agatha Christie perplexed, Jessica Fletcher taught, Poe made space, Broadway enchanted, History provoked, Science Fiction thrilled, Dickens pontificated, Green Day, Bowie, MCR fueled, Bendis pissed off, psychology intrigued, short stories sent chills, mythology peeled layers, as my own life and experiences uncovered the multitude of depths within our humanity. Enough to create its weight in original material, characters, and plots in order to answer the questions it posed.

For what is a story, but a situation, circumstance, and the people placed there within? Nothing is new, only the perspectives.

Creating the perfect formula, the most poetic of tales, weaving and designing a web that catches the reader – as well as myself – up and injects them with the venom of thought and differentiating outlooks in the most entertaining of ways, so that one never even thinks to put up a fight!

That is except for the passion it stirs, pinning everything you thought you knew against itself.

I tried to once, long ago, question my purpose and whether or not there was a place for what I do, but now I know better and will never again wonder what I was put on this earth to bring.

I create the space. I make the room. And you are more than welcome to come inside!

I am a writer, and I write or I die!

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