Thor: Ragna-Wracking My Head

Yes it has been a while and no I haven’t lost interest, passion or opinion when it comes to Marvel, comics, superheroes and the way that they have adapted, steered and yet again been “re-booted”. I guess you could say that I just didn’t care to give it my energy (sure, that and having to reexplain a point that I’ve made repeatedly as clear as Invisible Woman on cellophane was getting a little tiring, and sure maybe life got in the way, but I digress… I have my POV and can enjoy about the genera well keeping a distance to … Continue reading Thor: Ragna-Wracking My Head

The cynical fan and “Why can’t we trust filmmakers”

Among one of the various topics that ate away at my brain over the weekend, but between cable men minded timing landlords and failing toilets,  an unexpected supposed to be notified but wasn’t “planned” blackout, and a tree collapse, I couldn’t really do much about it but munch  (*tee-hee* read that one again. ;)) I read the sequart article via my twitter feed (“Why can’t we trust filmmakers?”  )and it got the old marbles rolling for I can see the point Cody L. Martin was making, but I’m not sure I can fully agree. I myself have, and will still … Continue reading The cynical fan and “Why can’t we trust filmmakers”

When You Hit The Creative Wall With Your Face

Who among us writers, performers and creative thinkers/doers alike hasn’t hit that “wall”? Sometimes its stucco, peals back easily, but other times it’s brick and breaks your face. No matter what it’s made of (Aka long term or short) the result is the same: Suck. It sucks to hit a creative wall. To be blocked and feel the very sinew and marrow in your bones building up without release. You want it, but you doubt it. Your brain says no but your heart says yes please. Who do you listen to? What do you listen to? You can’t just follow … Continue reading When You Hit The Creative Wall With Your Face

Art Inspiring Verse ~ John Bauer

  Of Fairy Tales and Dreams Once I was  a Queen, Of Fantasy, Of dreams. Worlds you can’t conceive, For they have yet to be. Mine was singular but plenty, Soft and light but still heavy. Once I was a Ruler, So prestigious and so grand, I could hold a people in the very palm of my hand. I was larger than life, I was hope and strife, I was daughter, I was son, I was husband, I was wife. Once I was a Fighter, Taller, Stronger, Then the rest. I could beat the bad guys, And prove I was … Continue reading Art Inspiring Verse ~ John Bauer

Art Inspiring Verse ~ Monica Loya

Wasting away, Perceived notions, Stuck on a page, A troubled ocean, Don’t cause a wave, No need for commotion. All stays the same, And I lose my devotion. To what? To the past? To the future still present? To this I resent, For which makes me reluctant. To start again still, Over when it was lost, Struck by the thought, Paralyzed by the loss. Yet here is me now. I am what I can. So defined by appearance, How I’ve lived in the land. So make-believe, So lesser departed, From all things real, From all things forgotten. So who am … Continue reading Art Inspiring Verse ~ Monica Loya

Art Inspiring Verse ~ Waldemar Strempler

  What I am is Make/Believe Collage, A Scattered mess, Something new, Something less, Peeled apart the layers, The facade of depth, Never knowing how to make it, Never knowing what will be left. Who will I be today? What inevitable strength this time will save me? How can I recall what’s happened in the past? When I stand before the mirror in which I still reflect? Still something tangible, Still something moving forward, Ceaseless to push back when all the waves are crashing, What direction do they point? And which way to keep on going? I know that I … Continue reading Art Inspiring Verse ~ Waldemar Strempler

Art Inspiring Verse ~ TAOJB

Inner-security So here I am, Yes yet again, Alone and in torment, My own spiders web. It is all my own doing, It is me, But of course, For it’s in my own thoughts that I’ve buried this curse. Weaved between sinew, Under thin flesh, Inside the bones, And with every caress, The minds open gambit, Will I take the bait, Or will I undo my own wills twisted fate? So fearing, Can’t hide, For it’d be from one’s self, Can’t outrun this beast, There’s no strength, There’s no stealth. Isolated and numb doesn’t erase the pain, For alone you … Continue reading Art Inspiring Verse ~ TAOJB

Art Inspiring Verse ~ Veronica Leto

The Over-thinker’s mind Loosing it, When I don’t know, Life feels ever like a bow, One pulls back, One let’s go. Aiming at a target still somewhat unknown. Dreaming of fantasies that never end, Wishing and wanting that devoted friend. Knowing is a comparative weakness, When up against facts. When up against logic convention seems to lack. One step forward, One leap back. Inspiration seems illusive, You want to hold on, But it slips through your fingers, Feeling empty when gone. Shifting and turning possibilities weight, If it left could that not be a sign from fate? Doubt is so … Continue reading Art Inspiring Verse ~ Veronica Leto

Art Inspiring Verse ~ Patrick Palmer

Inner Torment Beaten, Broken, Weather worn. Tired, Scared, Somewhat forlorn. Never knowing what comes next, What will thrill me or upset. A basket case, I’ve come undone, Inside my head I am someone. When all else fails, When all seems lost, I lose myself in inner thought. Alone I’m free but lost somehow, Can see the sun, Yet still I cow. For brought to light I seem to wither, Untamed, Uncouth, And somewhat bitter. Where is the sweetness of my escape? Why can’t it exceed this inner quake. I come forward only to be set back. To be forgotten and … Continue reading Art Inspiring Verse ~ Patrick Palmer

Art Inspiring Verse ~ Veronica Ball

Half Empty/Half Full Half full and untouched, Drained of sinew and soul, This is not what I meant, This was never my goal. I set upon task, I had given my all, Yet never did I find the light, Nor hear the fated call. Dream now has taken its toll, Broken and belittled for a story still untold. So what is there left when all seems wasted? All seems so old? War torn and and whittled down, Learned and yet unfound. Glass half empty or half full? ~Glory Anna Veronica Ball has such a beautiful portfolio of watercolor gems. Check … Continue reading Art Inspiring Verse ~ Veronica Ball