Art Inspiring Verse ~ Daniel Taylor

Dreams Reality The fusion between reality and a dream can seem an impossible thing. A thankless task, Never quite in ones ever reaching grasp. The pain in you swells like an overfull dam, Breaking down trust in that which once you called  friend. When hope seem to fade, Nothing left of determined, The feeling that you are the problem when hurting. Talents seem scarce, Your dream now so illusive, So drained of its color, So timid and uncertain. Yet you want it so bad you can touch you can feel it, Your being seems to ache for the taste of … Continue reading Art Inspiring Verse ~ Daniel Taylor

Art Inspiring Verse ~ Croppis

End of the Rainbow Luck and Fate a twisted game, The chance to lose, The chance to take. Never did I want to bet upon life. That all would be fair, That all would turn out right. At the end of the rainbow was not a pot of gold, Through layers and pitfalls and stories untold. It became my own heart, My own conscience and passions. This was a pot of my fated progressions. Did I trust in my chance? Was it too big a risk? To think if I stayed straight that my path would not twist. It is … Continue reading Art Inspiring Verse ~ Croppis

Art Inspiring Verse ~ Daphne Oude Geerdink

  Strength has found her, Where sorrow betrayed, The end of conformity, In the land of the brave. I stand on my own, In a room full of men, Distinguished and proud, On the wings of my kin. I know I am ready, That it’s time to stand up, Stop trying for something, Which I never quite got. So I’ll do this for me, For I know that I’m ready, Screw history, Screw slow and steady. We all come from the same beginning, From something begot from the passions of plenty. From warmth and from nature, From that meeting of … Continue reading Art Inspiring Verse ~ Daphne Oude Geerdink

Art Inspiring Verse ~ Rimel Neffati

So Dark the Con of Man Rhythm, motion, moves and sweat. Moody, gloom, remorse, regret. Set to the beating heart of lives, Corrupt by the human head of lies. In nature it repeats, The tedium succeeds, We want more, A change, Yet can’t reprogram our brains. Are we doomed to forever stay the same? What makes man think that it’s linear? Can;t waste the time, For it’s not worth the danger, So we play a pantomime. Stopping something so putrid to senses, Common law overcasts progression. So static we stand, In the convention of man. Rimel Neffati, a self-taught beauty! … Continue reading Art Inspiring Verse ~ Rimel Neffati

Art Inspiring Verse ~ Tom Waterhouse

Red Wine Residue Red wine river; Sways to the center, Two hearts entwined, Two hearts in danger. We swear upon this, This most illusive of treasures, Thinking that word is enough to keep us together. Red wine in motion; A cascade effect, Together we were, So together we went. Heaven sent. Is that enough? To deal with a hell that we humans corrupt? Red wine spilled; Seams tearing, Torn. Shattered. For when bottle is empty… What is left of forever? ~Glory Anna This image was an “experimental quicky” by Tom Waterhouse. Not his usual aesthetic, but I loved his interpretation … Continue reading Art Inspiring Verse ~ Tom Waterhouse

Art Inspiring Verse ~ Jenny Yu

Wasted Victory Why did I chose you? Was it even me? Was I the one that birthed you in your fated infancy? Defeated and unwanted, You roamed the earth so heavy, So muted and defeated, Lackluster and sedated. Yet somehow and in someway, Ours was meant to meet, To breath into you that of life, Of laughter, Of guilt lifted in stride. Moving towards the future, In want and to succeed, If only you could see that what you won, Was what was left of me. ~Glory Anna I am super in love with Jenny Yu’s sketches. There is something … Continue reading Art Inspiring Verse ~ Jenny Yu

Art Inspiring Verse ~ Fernanda Suarez

What Shrouded Winds Carry Shrouded in mystery, Asleep on the breeze, Watching as the leaves seem to fall at its ease. I wonder at the sight, Why others seem like such a fight. The tides of life, Sweeping desire, We dare not let go, For fear of the fire. Unknown, A void, We scarcely dare, To follow the heal, For fear of life’s fated air. We will not waver, In hesitant favor, For fear of what we’ll have to feel. What it is we will have to face, Let go, Embrace. A change of pace, Of time, Of fate. What … Continue reading Art Inspiring Verse ~ Fernanda Suarez

Art Inspiring Verse ~ Russ Mills

  In-External Struggle Bleak, blackened, mind of weeds, Can’t separate from tired what it is that I may need. Can’t open eyes, Slits so heavy, Still I’m breathing, Am I living? Can’t feel my own skin, Can’t sleep within. Can’t bare the ache. There’s only so much humans were meant to take. Yet endure I do. Endure I must? It’s getting harder and harder to trust, The inevitable fate of life. The way the universe can set things right. I question daily, Doubt myself more. For I don’t think I am capable of what it will take to make the … Continue reading Art Inspiring Verse ~ Russ Mills

Art Inspiring Verse ~ Jinyoung Shin

  Fated Reception Past, Present, Future, I’m in your fated hands. I try to live in moments, To make the picture grand. Yet with all my good intentions, Every good deed that I give, It seems to come at me in pieces, broken, sliding through my hands. I do not act to get. To give and then receive. But in all of my kindness, Where does the kindness come back to me? I stop, I smell the roses, I live the little things. I speak and live through action. Yet I admit that I still need. I need that warm … Continue reading Art Inspiring Verse ~ Jinyoung Shin