Writer’s Quote Wednesday


Now here’s a good one that goes with the whole “convention panics” rants and raving tangents I’ve been going off on lately (See here and here).

Because it can often get a bit overwhelming when one is hit with the idea that they are doing something, giving so much of themselves and there time but “seemingly” getting nowhere – and I use “seemingly” in quotations because its only based on society;s perception of somewhere after all.

A creative whatever can become consumed with the question of what makes them this thing. What makes them professional and are they really just a fraud? A fake, a phony bologna such and thus claiming to have authority without the proof of substantiated success.

We can downplay our work and disregard ourselves in the process of doubting our passions validity in the world of its creation forgetting just how many of the greats themselves were unappreciated in their time. Not that I’m saying your work has to outlive you in order for it to become worth something, but it just goes to show you how subjective the industry is when it comes to the creative. What’s great today could be forgotten tomorrow to make room for what was forgotten last week!

The point is your time will come around if you keep at it. What makes a person a professional anything is their dedication to its process. Conception is born through the art of production. In order to call yourself an artist you have to paint. In order to call yourself a sculptor you have to sculpt. And in order to call yourself a writer you have to write!

I myself have always been obsessed with the idea of keeping myself at the ready so that when that big break came, that opportunity to break in, that open window somewhere I would be more than ready to hit the ground running – of course at the time it was to keep in physical peak form so that I could stunt fight with the best of them and see my plans to choreograph a real action scene my way come to pass…but I digress. 😉

I did get sidetracked in writing, I hit a wall with my face and I will be the first to admit I plain old gave up, sure it was because of depression, because of disenchantment, because of life and my needing to go through the fire in order to appreciate my flame, but on the other side of it – and hell even through! – I have to say that my biggest regret is that I stopped writing.  Despite the fact that I cut myself off from virtually everything: relationships, connections, interactions, you name it! I regret not fighting to create the most.

So I know first hand that it is not worth being consumed by your place and validity in doing what you love. It is not worth the doubt, it is not worth the pain, it is most defiantly not worth the time. Because you could be using all of that energy and time to be creating instead, to be honing your craft, to be writing more books, short stories, sequential dynamite, flash fiction, screenplays, poems and more besides!

No matter what it is if you are not doing what you love it may just not be worth it. So don;t worry about what you call yourself because in the end actions most definitely, defiantly and eventually speak louder than words boasted… but especially when written and printed! 😉

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